Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Super Spelling Ideas

My students do a word study block using the WORDS THEIR WAY program by Francine Johnston as their spelling words for each week.

During the week they participate in various hands on activities to help them learn their spelling words. Here are some ideas you may want to use in your classroom to spice up your spelling.

Yarn Writing
All you need is paper, glue, and some yarn

Students use the glue to write out their words (one letter at a time is easier so it doesn't waste glue as the glue will dry quickly). Then they cut the yarn to form the letters using the glue outline.  Hands on, good for motor skills, plus they are spelling.

(forwards or backwards)
I've found a ton of receipt paper at garage stores, thrift stores for really cheap.  My students enjoy this activity as they get to spread out in the floor.  I pass out a loooooooooooong strip of receipt paper and have students write their words out BIG (leaving space in between the words). Then after they write out their words they cut out the words. 
You can have them simply sort the words in ABC order (forwards or backwards) or have them glue the words on a poster in ABC order.  

Choo-Choo and RainBow Words

Choo Choo words are just writing out the words around then paper, then drawing box cars and adding wheels to make it into a choo choo train.  Once words are written they can add in a road, draw the smoke, and make their trains more personal. 

Rainbow words are when students use either colored pencils, crayons, or markers and write their words. Each letter has to be a different color.

How Much are my Words Worth?
This activity incorporates math as students are given a chart with each letter and the corresponding money amount.  (see link below)

Then students write out their words and calculate up how much it's worth.
fish: I see the F is worth 6 cents, I is 7, S is 5 and the H is worth 1 cent. 
So they would add up 6 + 7 + 5 + 1= 19 cents

This also helps to reinforce addition skills for students who may not have that skill strongly in place.

Computer Fun
My students love, love, love getting on the computer and typing their words.  
Some of their favorite activities to do on the computer with their words is:
1) write a story with your words
2). Type your words 3 times each (change the font and size (and color if you have a colored printer) for your words. 
3) Make powerpoint slides of your words including:
*The Word
*A sentence
*Clip art that goes with the word or sentence 
(they enjoy customizing the slides and adding animation as well)

These are just a few of the MANY things we do with spelling.  Head on over to teachingblogaddict for more 


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