Monday, July 18, 2011

I heart packages and my repurposed "teacher notebook"

So today after I got home from working at my in law's furniture store (which you should go like their facebook page here: The Bed Bug Furniture on FAcebook) I checked the mailbox and front porch to find this:

The small package contained my bible cover I ordered from Etsy which looks like this:

Package 2 was my winnings from ohboy4thgrade
hello awesome and amazing Vera Bradley package and surprise earrings. 

It came with a notebook, binder, folder and super cute notepad
it's okay for you to be a little jealous:)

At the end of each school year I head out in search for my newest teacher notebook. During the summer I begin brainstorming, making lists (oh so many lists), and lesson planning. All which are housed in my handy dandy notebook.  I have a slight obsession with collecting journals and notebooks and found this one on my bookshelf ready to be written in.  I wasn't a fan of the design 

I altered it and turned it into this:

and added tabs to section it off:

super simple.
low hassle.

Do you have a teacher notebook and if so what do you use it for? ready...set..share!


  1. Loving this!!! I just have a notebook that I got at Walmart:( Love yours too much!! Wanna make mine:)))) lol

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. YAY you got the goodies!!! I have a set of the things I sent you BUT in the Happy Snail pattern :)

  3. @ Tara: I believe you can spice up that notebook;)

    @ohboy; thanks again. I adore the print and my package.

  4. Love your notebook! I don't have one specifically for myself yet, but maybe I'll need one! :) And I totally love that Bible cover!!!

  5. Love this idea! I think I might just have to start doing this to help my organizing maniac self become more prepared for the school year over the summer! Thanks for the great tips!