Monday, September 2, 2013

Open House stations and candy land inspiration

Moving from EC to first grade is a lot like starting over. So I have been busy getting my life together and "starting over" in the world of teaching. Last week was our official first week with the students and sadly I am just now posting updates on Open House. 

I decided to go the "station" route for Open House. With many families trickling in and out I felt it would be more beneficial to have stations for parents to float through. Here are some photos

Station 1: Parent check in table. Sign in sheets , parent helper sign up sheets, the works

Station 2: Transportation -because knowing how the lil loves are getting home is crucial 

Station 3: forgot to take a picture: Donation/Wish list station
I wrote out various things we were in need of for the classroom on die cuts shaped like a crayon box, ,and parents could pick them up if they were willing to donate the requested item

Station 4: Sweet Surprise
Parents wrote a note to their children and I taped them to their seat for the first day of school. So happy with all the parent participation at this station! Talk about easing the 1st day Jitters

Station 5: Information Packets: These folders contained all the open house back to school goodies, paperwork, etc. I was able to answer questions and talk to parents at this station

Here are all the notes that the parents wrote

Outside my class I have my Candy Land themed display for student work
I changed it to "HawkLand" since I'm Mrs. Hawk
 Found the candy banner and cupcake liners at Hobby Lobby
Drew out the game board pieces for the label
Colored construction paper

I love it...bunches! 

Coming soon...classroom pictures.