Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog Mixer Linky Party

All the other fabulous blogs I follow were doing it, so I guess I caved. (eh peer pressure)
Yearn to Learn is hosting this link party and here's the deal-e-oooo

1.  A blogger who is a "New Kid on the Blog"
(Let's say someone who has blogged 2 months or less and has less than 200 followers)Mrs. Hahn I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon her blog today because 1. she likes feathers and 2. she does craftastic things like modge podge clip boards

2.  Post a blogger in your same grade levelSince my classroom can house K-3 this one was easy peasy
Mrs. Tabb (first grade) (you might can find her on )
Mrs. Lemons (2nd grade)

3.  Post a blogger in a different grade level
Tara at 
4th Grade Frolics
 (even though she is going to be teaching 4th now)

4.  It's all about the button. Find a cute blog button and post it

Create Teach Share

For even more great blogs head over to Yearn to Learn and follow until your little heart is content:)


  1. Thanks for joining my Blog Mixer Linky.


    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. I saw your blog on the Yearn to Learn Linky Party. I'm now a follower.

  3. Hey girlie,
    Thanks for the shout out:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Woo! Thanks for finding me! :) I'm even working on two more clipboards right now that I'll post when I finish them :)

  5. @Tara- no problem for ze shout out my dear

    @Rhoda: I can't wait to see the next set;)

  6. thanks so much for the LOVE...
    and HUBS sent out your grand prize package today.. there should be a little pink bag inside the big pink bag... **WINK**
    thanks again!!!

  7. @Oh boy.
    I will be eagerly waiting by the door everyday to check the mail box. hehehehe. i am excited.