Friday, July 1, 2011

Classroom Shopping Linky Party

Kristen over at Ladybug's Teacher Files hosted a classroom shopping link party.  As a school supply shopper addict, I knew I had to link up my great recent finds.

I cannot lie. Once summer hits and school is out I am constantly hawking the stores (my top prized 3: Michaels, Dollar Tree, and Target -especially the dollar section) for teacher goodness.  I sadly cannot enter into the Dollar Tree without spending at least 8-10 dollars average.  I have a weakness for school supplies and have already taken multiple trips to various stores in hopes that some "Back to School" supplies have started to be stocked on the shelves.  

After reading all the great Target finds from the Linky party, I was inspired to head to my local Target in hopes of being as successful as some of the other teachers were.  It was a sad let down and I walked away empty handed. BUT I did see a few bookbags being put out. That must mean the rest will follow eh?

I have managed to snag some great goodies such as:

fabulous folders. 1.00 a pack. I am going to use them for our Student Survival Guide (which houses all our classroom expectations and rules to be successful). I may have to go back and purchase more. A teacher can never have enough folders

Behavior Charts (a much needed essential in my classroom)

 stickers, stars for behavior incentive sheets (see previous photo) and tags 
I adore the Dollar Tree teacher section
 These blank calendar pages are great. I use mine to keep all my IEP's organized 

 I have a slight obsession with owls so when I saw this for Character Ed, I squealed with joy.

 Dear Michaels, you never seem to disappoint me.
thank you
Storage bins (I'm thinking colored pencils) and lots of H (for Hawk of course) sticky notes
 I love this. 
Can't wait to hang it and remind myself each day to be in celebration
Everyone knows Dollar Tree is the place to go for bins. I was happy to see these guys back in stock as I needed them for my classroom library.  


  1. A lot of great finds!! Love the folders-very cute! :-)

  2. thanks Tonya. I adore the folders also and I might have to go snag some more:)

  3. LOVE the tab folders and book bins! I didn't even look in that section of Dollar Tree. I went straight to the teacher section. Well, guess I gotta go back. :)

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  4. The tab folders are from Michaels in their dollar section. So worth the trip:)