Monday, September 26, 2011

What we've been up to ....

 Here's a glimpse into what we've been working on lately

Before we jumped into place value to 9,999 we reviewed place value to 999 with a fun partner game. 
Each student's desk is taped off into 3 sections with the headers: standard form, expanded form and word form at the top.  The deck of playing cards is the bright green stack in the back
Dry erase board is used to keep score. 

 The opposing partner draws a card from the deck and shows it to their partner.  The partner then correctly sorts what form the card is in.  The opposing partner affirms or corrects and gives a point or does not award a point. 
 student's game board with correctly sorted forms
 orange cards were challenge cards where the students had to write the number in a certain form.
They loved it and it was great review. 

Science: We are learning about soil and experimenting with humus, clay, and sand. 
 Here students are using the hand lens to observe the types of soil

 We record our daily findings and activities in our Soil Journals
 This was by far our messiest eperiment yet. Playing with wet humus, sand, and clay and seeing which one could be rolled into a ball. 
Clay and humus were are winners.
Clay took first place in the most messiest of them all.

Behavior Party numero uno: CupCakes
We provided the cupcakes and then students got to create their own cupcake by choosing the icing, and toppings. 
It was a HUGE success.

is your mouth watering yet?

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