Monday, September 5, 2011

1st 7 days of school recap (part 1)

A few photos of some of the things we have been doing during the first week and 2 days of school.

1). After reading First Day Jitters one of the follow up activities was a cooperative group vocab exercise which is pictured below.
I love doing partner and group activities with my students as it provides great opportunity for practicing social skills and working with others.
 we love our clipboards:) Can't head to groups without them
I also allow the students to pick a place to go with their buddy.  We later decided that this location (right by all the centers and fun games) was not the best choice for minimal distractions.  

2) My Job/Your Job
This is a great back to school activity.  We met up at the small group table and discussed jobs that students might have, and the jobs a teacher has to do. We discussed what would happen if we didn't do these things? Once we created our anchor chart we all signed it as a contract reminding ourselves of the importance of being responsible and doing our jobs in the classroom. 

3). Principal from the Black Lagoon (see original post here: Principal from the Black Lagoon
 here is the picture from our interview with the principal.  Each student had their index card with 2-3 questions on it.  Before our Principal came, I had them practice reading into the microphone.
 Comparing and Contrasting posters in our groups

Part 2 coming soon.


  1. I'm curious . . . what kind of questions did your students ask the principal?


  2. What was The First Day Jitters vocab activity?