Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1st 7 days of school recap (part 2)

Some more activities that we did the first 7 days of school

a. We talked about reading...what it is..
what real reading and fake reading looks like
(thanks Pinterest):)

b. I did this last year with my students and it was a huge hit.
We went over our journal expectations by exploring a flip chart I made that had a sample diary/journal entry, a survey to see who had kept a diary/journal before, and brainstorming activities of why people may write in a journal.  I then explained how we would be using our journals this year, when I would collect them, and how they would be graded. 
Then the fun began.  
Scrapbook paper, stickers, cutouts, old text books (from the 80s) markers, etc equaled in some super awesome journal covers.  Check them out below. 

c. Punctuation hunt. 
I found this idea on Pinterest as well.  
Students were given an easy reader book and had to hunt and correctly sort the sentences based on their punctuation.  

 Look at that excellent tracking and checking of the sentence
 my example that I modeled for the students
then we tallied up our results and created a bar graph

Hooray for hands on learning fun:)

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