Sunday, September 11, 2011

any whole brain teachers out there?

Why I just now discovered and came across Whole Brain Teaching I have no clue.  But now that I've found it, I am hooked. They had me from claaassssssssssssssss- yeeeeeeeeeess.

If you aren't sure what I'm talking about check out these excellent videos of teachers modeling Whole Brain Teaching

Here's a kindergarten example of the 5 rules

and one more for 6th grade order of operations

I have started implementing some of the first steps during my Corrective Reading Direct Instructional Block.
We use the gesturing, rules (our STAR rules for Corrective) , teacher student game, and the hands and eyes.

I love, love ,looooooooove this whole model and want to dig in and learn more.
I also want to begin using the Class teach-okay during my math groups.

So tell me blogging many of you are whole brain teachers? If so care to share your thoughts, feelings, techniques, etc.


  1. So far, I have only implemented their rules with the hand movements. The kids really respond to it. I'm just a little nervous to start the rest! But a couple of other teachers at my school are doing "class-yes", "hands and eyes", "baskets", and "teach-okay". I guess I just need to jump in!

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  2. I'm not using the whole approach yet (I'm still trying to get used to being back in 1st grade after a year in 5th!), but I've used the class- yes and I tried the class- teach okay. It's worked pretty well so far. I think I'll continue, and probably add other elements in as I go!

    - Jen

  3. I have been using the system for five years with a lot of success in middle school. I teach 8th grade science.

    Congratulations on finding the method, and welcome to teacher heaven. It gets more and more fun as you get more used to it.

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  5. Whole Brain has transformed my classroom. I teach 7th grade science. You can read about some or our experiences at