Monday, August 1, 2011

What I've been up to...

So I have been making things for back to school. Getting folders and journals prepped and ready to go and I thought I would share:)

I went to my class a few weeks ago to sort through my books and get them organized. I typed out these bad boys, printed them and then.....

 self laminated them.
you know with some packaging tape.

Now all they need is to proudly smile from their new place on the book bins in the class library. 


 morning work folders: these are on their desks each morning and students are taught the expectations for morning work.  At the end of the week I average and grade their completed work.

 I do a direct instruction program called Language for Writing so this is the folder that will house their work. 
PS: I LOOOOOVE ducktape. I had to buy some from Michaels to spruce up their folders. 

I saw this on Pinterest where you use ribbon in the back of a notebook for a bookmark/placeholder and said YES pLEASE. So I got out my hot glue gun and some ribbon and started gluing. 
 i ran out of the fun blue kind but had a lot of green so just finished up with that.
see? you must do this. It's fabulous!

Finish, done, complete

I'm on a roll.

PS: I'm thinking once I hit 100 followers a GIVE AWAY needs to go down.


  1. Boy oh boy! You've been busy! Looks like tedious work. Great job!! :)

  2. You sure put a lot of effort to help your students. They are lucky to have you!

  3. Love it all!

    I totally did the ribbon in a comp notebook today! Except I didn't make the bookmark as long as you did...I probably should have, it will stay longer.

    I'm gonna provide the ribbon on the first week of school so my students can add the ribbon themselves before they start their first lab.


  4. @Rhoda: I made mine kind of long so the kids can see their place from the bottom.

    That's a great idea about providing the ribbon the first week of school for your high schoolers.

  5. Totally posted today my version of the ribbon bookmarks, and added a link for people to see yours too :)

  6. Rhoda; Thanks for the shout out:)