Wednesday, August 24, 2011

life in the fast lane.

1. Open house was last night. I wore my tall heels. Bad idea:) I got to meet some new faces and see some of my returning students as well as my veterans from years past. 

2. Today was spent moving my co-hort teacher into a new class (after she had already set up her other classroom) in 4 hours with some of my fabulous EC co-workers. The day before the first day of school. Now only truly awesome people can make that happen:)

3. I busted my bootay to get the first 2 days of school finished for myself as well as my co-hort and haven't had time to snag any photos of my classroom. Soon. Very soon.

4. I was not able to participate in the blog hopping that's going around ( see for yourself what I mean ), but I have been trying to catch up on all the blogs I follow. I love you all and think all of you are the bomb.
5. Tomorrow is the student's first day of school.  I'm sure tonight I 'll be tossing and turning-unable to sleep with excitement and nerves. 
We are totally reading this book tomorrow and I am excited.

Have a great rest of the week to all!

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