Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Currently I am...(linky party woop woop)

is having a Linky Party for Currently I am....
(she was inspired by PINTEREST what else?:))

She also has some freebies with a Currently I am....print out to use in your classroom. I snagged it up and you should to AFTER you link up for the linky party.

Here we gooooooooo
construction across the street at the Mercedes dealership and my husband talking to a customer (I'm working at my in-law's furniture store some this summer). 

all the insanely creative and inspiring projects and ideas from Pinterest as well as all my new blogging teacher "friends" I have found and that have found me.
But did I mention that I love Pinterest right now? 
Oh okay thought so.

about where the hubbie and I are going to stay for our anniversary trip Thursday-Sunday. We know we're going to the beach..some beach. That's about it.
I'm also thinking about how I can make a window in my classroom because I have NO WINDOWS.
If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments section. 

some Peanut butter M and M's. 
nom nom nom.

to work on some OHLOVELYOIL orders and get over this laziness syndrome.

craigslist? Wait is that considered stalking? Well that's where I'm spending a lot of time in search of anniversary spot. 
I guess I was kind of stalking Oh Boy 4th Grade seeing as how I read about the linky party.

Your turn


  1. LOVE IT!!! thanks for linking up!!! have fun this weekend!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, hope you guys have a great trip...wherever it is! :-) Maybe you could take a picture looking out a window and blow it up to poster size...give you the illusion of a window? You could even change it for the seasons, lol!

  3. found your blog during this linky party and am a new follower...i like Kim's idea for a window...could you build or buy a simple frame and put curtains on each side, too? just an idea i saw on hgtv...