Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Erin Condren teacher planner

Somehow I got sucked into the world of all things Erin Condren
(thanks to all the teacher blogs I follow, instragram etc)
How can you not fall in love with all the patterns, colors, ridiculous organizational goodness?
So I splurged and ordered myself the teacher planner. Why not? New grade level...new adventures. Totally fitting right?
Here's a little sneak peek into the contents inside the teacher planners for those who are debating whether to order or not.
I had a really hard time choosing the style/design I wanted but decided to go with the Paisley 

First page- all about me section and then Tabs, tabs, tabs. Apparently the previous teacher planners didn't have tabs so this was an upgraded feature.

 next page: substitute information 

 Dates to remember section for each month
 absentee log 
 Monthly calendars

 stickers galore-
folder for keeping papers, clear holder and those are cute sticker labels

and then they send you all these 10.00 dollars off your next purchase which is a given that you WILL shop again.....
Life planner anyone?

How much do you love your Erin Condren planner and why?


  1. I'm still on the fence about ordering mine but looking at yours might have just convinced me.

    my second grade journal

  2. thank you for the great post, thrilled you love your planner! enjoy!