Friday, July 5, 2013

Classroom Management/Organization from this past school year

My past year was one of the most difficult years I have endured as a teacher thus far. This left me NO time for blog writing nor blog reading.  There are some changes/transitions coming up for me as a teacher and I will post about them as soon as I can.  In the meantime I thought I would share some things from my class this past year.

Mini Trashcans:
I found these at Dollar General when they were on clearance and ended getting them for .30 cents a piece. I bought enough for each "pod" or grouping of desks so that students wouldn't have to constantly get up and throw trash away. At the end of the day our "neat and tidy" helper would empty the smaller trash cans into the big trashcans as part of their class job.

Classroom Finger Signals:
These are taught at the beginning of the year as we cover our Survival Guides (all the expectations and procedures for the year). Works wonders and eliminates all the blurt outs and constant questions. 

Line Expectations/Reminders:
I found the 4-S line on Pinterest last year. The Line expectations poster is a reminder of how we are to line up (which is covered in our Survival Guides). Super great reference to have for lining up. We don't exit the classroom until the expectations are being met. 
It includes visuals for our emergent readers as I had K-4 this past year.

Class rules tied into PBIS.
Our school mascot is the Eagle so at our school we SOAR which is the acronym for our core values (show respect, outstanding conduct, achievement, and responsibility). Each of our classroom rules got plugged into which part of SOARing they reflected. When students are asked how they were SOARing during various activities, they knew which one of our rules they followed (or did not follow). 

More posting coming soon. Trying to get back into the swing of making my presence known in blog land.  
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  1. Hi! I am your newest follower! I am starting a new position in the fall as the redirection director (working with kids with behavioral and emotional disorders) and so I can't tell you how excited I was to come across your blog! I don't have any posts about behaviors yet, but my goal is to help others who are working with students with challenging behaviors by writing about my experiences. We are also Eagles at our school and use SOAR as well for our school wide rules. Ours stands for be Safe, Obedient, Accountable and Respectful! Can't wait to read future posts from you!

    Sixth Grade Scribbles
    (Looking for a new blog title since I will no longer be in 6th grade) :)

  2. Hooray that is exciting. Welcome to the blog. I have worked with students with behavior and emotional disabilities for the past 7 years so I have a ton of tools if you ever need ideas or suggestions during your new adventure. I'm also on Pinterest and have some behavior management boards as well that you can check out. I look forward to hearing about all your experiences!

    <3 Mrs. Hawk