Thursday, June 2, 2011

Read Across America

Our class had a wonderful Read Across America celebration day back in March for Dr. Seuss's birthday! I made this t shirt to wear for the birthday celebration:

We spent a chunk of our day journeying through various centers and activities to promote reading and the celebration of the man himself: Dr. Seuss. The following are some examples of things we did in case you want to incorporate them in your celebration for next school year. 

Students were given Cat in the Hat shaped "passports" which they carried to each station.  I have 2-3 students per station and they rotated every 15-20 minutes.  After they completed each station they had to be signed off by me.  At the end of our celebration they turned in their hat passport for their daily reading participation grade.

Station examples:
1) Computer station: I had the students get on and explore. There are tons of things for them to do on this site.  For teacher ideas for lessons and activities go here: for teachers

2) This photo shows the cat in the hat passports that students took to each station.  This station is a Tic Tac Toe Dr. Seuss birthday game (students would play multiple rounds and keep track with tallies of the winner) then they would be able to pick a Dr. Seuss illustration to color.  

3) the READING station.  Students were provided with Dr. Seuss books from the classroom library or ones they brought from home and just enjoyed time reading the books with their partner or individually.  They really enjoyed this quiet time especially my emergent and beginning readers who used their decoding strategies to sound out the rhyming words.  The discovery of learning to read is life changing.  

4). The Cat and the Hat Rhyming words: before I began our station rotation I read aloud the Cat and the Hat to the class.  This station had the students using ripped pieces of red paper to create the stripes on their cat in the hat..hat. Once they covered their stripes to their liking they had to come up with as many rhyming words for the word cat as they could.  These were written all over the hat then later totaled up by Mrs. Hawk.  The winner with the most words won a special prize.  

5) the Foot Book: I also had a station where the partners would read The Foot Book. Then they were given construction paper 'foot" template pages.  Their job was to create their own "foot book".  Students could use examples from the book or be creative and come up with their own kind of feet.  

I also found this video of Justin Bieber reading the Cat and the Hat.

How did you and your class spend Read Across America? Feel free to share your comments below.

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