Sunday, February 12, 2012

Martin Luther King JR shout out

For our TDR recently to focus on non-fiction text elements as well as bring in some Black History we read the following

After we read through each chapter students summarized 4-5 important facts they learned about M.L in their reading notebooks.  
Once we finished the book the students then typed their facts into their student blogs via
which by the way is a fantastic blogging host for your students to have their own blogs. Probably my favorite. 

Please click the links below to experience the events and facts our class felt were important. PS: we love comments. It helps fill our buckets as well:)

For another follow up assignment I had students select 4 events from M.L's life.
then we headed over to 

and the students created their own event timeline via comic. They loved it.
Here are the links to some of the completed timelines
Timeline 1
Timeline 2
Timeline 4

We love Martin Luther King Jr and are grateful for the steps he took to bring change