Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Craft alert: Magazine Christmas trees

The 2 days before we got out for Christmas/winter break, our guidance counselor came in to do a super sweet Christmas craft with us. Magazine Christmas trees! 

All you need for these super cute trees is the following:
*thick magazines (the smaller ones will not make a full tree and you may have to combine 3-4 small ones to get the full look)
*time to fold
*spray paint
*adhesive spray

 There are 3 different folds for the Christmas tree but they are not hard at all.  The part that can be tiring is folding all the pages.  My students were troopers and the lesson tied in for guidance was "perseverance and completing a project" 
 Once all steps are completed your tree will look like this
wa la

 Then you get to glam them up with spray paint and glitter 

The best part about our trees is that we talked about keeping them for themselves, or giving them away as gifts.  All of my students decided to give them to someone in their family for Christmas. Such giving hearts. 

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